Miami County real estate transactions



Linda Christie, Linda Scheib to Linda Christie, successor trustee, William Christie Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Pamela Cain, Ronald Cain to Jodah LLC, a part lot, $66,000.

Stern Property Management to Will Wannemacher, one lot, $129,900.

Timothy Doty to Megan Doty, $0.

Makayla Cross, Makayla Snyder, Samuel Snyder to Ainslie Lowery, Barrett Lowry, $277,400.

Lawrence Kroger to Lorrie Ferris, Steve Shaw, one lot, $73,000.

Jack Jamison, Katherine Jamison to Hall and Hall LLC, one lot, $225,000.

Harbor West Land Company to Jayantibhai Patel, Rinal Patel, $49,900.

Troy Land Development to NVR Inc., one lot, $65,900.

Rachael Boezi, David Boezi to Boezi Family Revocable Living Trust, $).

Brian Hilliard, Angela Wegscheider to Leslie Schwartz, two part lots, $209,900.

Estate of Harry Honeycutt, Robert Honeycutt, executor to Sandra Weaver, William Weaver, one lot, $176,800.

John Shellhaas, Tamara Shellhaas to John Shellhaas, Tamara Shellhaas, $0.

Kimberley Cremean to Emily Wilder, Tyler Wilder, $280,000.

Michael Cremean to Kimberley Cremean, $0.

Jan Gillespie, Timothy Gillespie to Hatler Bryant, two part lots, $62,000.

George Walker Trust, Kimberly Ingle, co-trustee, John Walker, co-trustee to Hannah Wilson, $100,000.

Curtis Raymond, Julia Raymond to Melinda Miller, one lot, $159,000.

Luis Amescu to Jeffrey Lee, Kimberly Lee, one lot, $248,000.

Brittney Tyler, Patrick Tyler to Kimberly Cremean, one lot, $175,000.

Ashley Northup, Levi Northup to Albert Wray, Marie Wray, two lots, $476,000.

Estate of Betty Artz, Jerry Artz, executor to Clifford Bowling, $95,000.


Lawrence Gardner III to B&G Building Investments, $18,000.

Brody Thomas Fox, Bryan Fox, guardian, Diane Fox, guardian to Kayla Workman, $122,000.

Paul Hina, Sarah Hina to John Hina, Maranda Hina, $61,000.

Diana Bates, Jack Bates to Bruce Hartley, two part lots, $80,000.

Ina Howard, Randy Howard to Ina Howard, Randy Howard, $0.

Estate of Laura Anderson to Brett Anderson, Craig Anderson, Kipp Anderson, two part lots, $0.

Jesse Gade, Magen Gaade, Magen Haffner to Amber McNutt, $145,000.

Daniel Califf, Kathy Califf to Michelle Mitchell, Sean Mitchell, a part lot, $212,000.

Brett Davis, Julia Davis to Donna Debrosse, Michael Debrosse, one lot, $137,700.

Connie Fogt, Michael Fogt to Connie Fogt, Michael Fogt, $0.

Ann Epperly, Michael Epperly to Ann Epperly, Michael Epperly, $0.


Allison Shevlin, John Shevlin to Kaylee Evans, Austin Shevlin, $182,000.

Michael Clark, Nancy Clark to Craig Sweeney, Lindsey Sweeney, one lot, $512,500.

Eveline De Ridder-Purvis, Floyd Purvis to Chris Hellyer, Dawna Hellyer, two lots, $219,900.

Linda Dorsey, Kim Hoecker, attorney in fact to Christine Meyer, one lot, $148,500.

Estate of Rick Thompson to Elizabeth Thompson, two lots, $0.

Deborah Deross, Thomas Deross to Deborah Deross, Thomas Deross, Deross Joint Revocable Living Trust, $0.


Yakov Chakhalidze, Ibragim Chakhalidze, Faminaz Karazha, $0.

Joel Heck to Joel Heck, Kelley Heck, two lots, $0.

Delana Brinson to Deborah Cox, two lots, $215,000.

D.R. Horton Indiana to Joshua and Karla Armstrong, two lots, $352,900.

D.R. Horton Indiana to Brenna Bailey, two lots, $310,900.

Corridor Development Company to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,000.

Corridor Development Company to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,800.


Lisa Patty to Megan Tittl, one lot, one part lot, $145,900.

Elaine Arnovitz, Karen Arnotvitz, Matthew Arnovitz, Mead Arnovitz, Scott Arnovitz, Douglas Yates to Arnovitz Family Ltd., a part lot, $0.

Arnovitz Family Ltd. to Ohio Postal Holdings, a part lot, $100,000.

Larry Spurgeon, Lisa Spurgeon to Branden Ramey, Brooke Ramey, a part lot, $144,900.


Harmon Properties to Riley Dowler, Treva Wynn, a part lot, $104,500.


Janine Cooper to David Cooper, one lot, $0.

Jessica Ostendorf, Joey Ostendorf to Jessica Ostendorf, Joey Ostendorf, $0.


Shirley Seale, Wayne Seale to Eugenia Seale, Michael Seale, 14.5 acres, $285,000.

Brian Fisher, David Fisher, Susan Fisher to Christopher King, $90,000.

Quicken Loans to Philip Good, $187,500.

Christina Pennington, Willie Pennington to Pennington Living Trust, $0.

Carol Nartker, Richard Nartker to David Foley, Jenny Foley, 6.2 acres, $225,000.

Christina Pennington, Willie Pennington to Spero Ventures, $0.

Karen Fairchild, Tony Fairchild to Slot Machines Unlimited Inc., $975,000.


Gwendolyn Manning, Ralph Maning Testamentary Trust,, Diana Wiltheiss, co-trustee, to Marianne Etter, Joan Manning, Martha Terrell, Dianan Wiltheiss, 80.0 acres, $0.

Barbara Coffing, Larry Coffing to Barbara Coffing, $0.

Barbara Coffing, Larry Coffing to Barbara Coffing, trustee, Larry Coffing, trustee, Larry and Barbara Coffing Trust, $0.


Jeffrey Whitford, Lisa Whitford to Rebecca Jones Wilson, $477,000.

Ashlee Canfarelli, Nicholas Canfarelli to Nicholas Canfarelli, 2.0 acres, $0.

Ashlee Canfarelli, Nicholas Canfarelli to Nicholas Canfarelli, 1.172 acres, $0.

Cynthia O’Neal, Ernie O’Neal, Sandi O’Neal, Tony O’Neal to Unfiltered Ink Tattoo, 0.479 acre, $125,000.


Craig Cavanaugh, Stacy Cavanaugh to Diana Cappelli-Snyder, Aaron Snyder, 3.655 acres, $150,000.


Indiana Creek Properties to Crystal Smith, Richard Smith, one lot, $318,900.


William and M. Joyce Chronerberry Irrevocable Trust, Terry Meyer, trustee to Rhonda McGowan, Richard McGowan Sr., $210,000.

Karin Spradlin, Mark Spradlin to Jesse Gade, Magen Gade, $230,000.


Jeffrey Agne, Monica Agne to Jeffrey and Monica Agne Principal Protection Trust, Jessica Koch, trustee, $0.

Cynthia Brunswick, William Brunswick, Doncin Investments, Cynthia Rowley, Donald Rowley Jr. to Donald Rowley Jr., 14.04 acres, $0.


Estate of Anna Hillman to Estate of Emerson Hillman Jr., Anne Frayne, $0.

Brian Tomlinson to Kellie Parsons, 1.72 acres, $0.


Estate of Peggy Jo Hemm, John Mutzner, executor to KBird3 LLC, $649,600.

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