More Farm ground to Houses..??


To the editor:

There is a meeting THIS MONDAY June 5th 7:00 PM regarding rezoning the 58 acre property the city had planned to build all the new combined schools a few years ago from farm ground to R-5. I urge residents who pay taxes to show up this Monday and see what the city and the developer have planned for us now.

R-5 residential lots means small lots and small homes. A quick look at the builders web site shows homes that look like Prefabricated track homes. They reminded me of the "Shotgun" style homes in New Orleans, and these lots look like what the initial proposed layout map to the city suggests.

Do we want that in our town? Do we feel we need that? Is the short term gain of concrete and asphalt sales worth long term repercussions?

In my opinion, residential lot owners do not pay enough taxes to support the needs of our schools.. let alone those purchasing small lower cost homes.

I’m not looking for an increase in my taxes, and if I wanted to live in Huber Heights or East Dayton or pay Montgomery County tax rates.. I would have moved there.

But let’s all go to the Public Hearing Monday June 5th at 7:00PM Second Floor City Hall 100 So. Market…..and see what's planned.

You can’t complain later about something if you do not make an effort to be involved at the start.

P.J. Zelnick


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