Mottinger offers his support to Duchak


To the Editor:

I am giving my full support to a very qualified and dedicated sheriff who is running for re-election for Miami County Sheriff on March 17, 2020.

Sheriff Dave Duchak was elected Miami County Sheriff in November 2016.

• Sheriff Duchack started with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office in 1990 and advanced through the ranks of deputy, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and chief deputy.

• Sheriff Dave Duchak is well respected in Miami County by his deputies, citizens and works well with all law enforcement in Miami County and surrounding counties.

• Sheriff Dave Duchak works with great cooperation with Miami County elected officials.

• Sheriff Dave Duchak has implemented a courthouse/safety building security system to provide safety to all citizens and employees of Miami County.

• Sheriff Duchak along with the commissioners have opened more space at the Miami County Jail and are bringing in funds to Miami County by renting (beds) to other surrounding counties and federal government agencies.

Miami County has one of the best sheriff’s dept’s in Ohio and I can not think of a more qualified and dedicated person for Miami County Sheriff than Dave Duchak.

I have served as clerk of courts for 44 years, mayor of Bradford years, 54 yrs with Bradford Fire & Rescue (29 years as chief) as well as a veteran of the United States Army 101st Airborne as a paratrooper.

I sincerely believe that my experience of 44 years with Miami County as clerk of courts working daily with the sheriff and other county agencies gives me a first hand look who is best qualified for the office of Miami County sheriff and that man is Sheriff Dave Duchak.

I am asking that each of you join me in voting to re-elect Dave Duchak for Miami County sheriff on Tuesday, March 17.

— Jan A. Mottinger

Miami County Clerk of Courts

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