Say no to the school bond


To the Editor:

Last Troy schools Bond failed by more than 60 percent of the voters. Now Troy asks for millions more. Are we to feel we missed an opportunity last go-around? I believe we dodged a bullet!.

We have a renewal later this year. The state of Ohio informs our earned income school district income taxes will be higher (farmers, self-employed business income). Plus most just had valuations increases.

Brief pamphlets are not enough. It’s upsetting being told it only raises taxes $248 for a $100,000 home when 50 percent Troy sales range more than $200k-$400K per Zillow (just 25 percent Troy sales were $100,000 or less), meaning the majority increase $500-$1,000 per year, on top of increasing existing taxes.

Present us line for line comparisons to help make educated decisions. What are maintenance projections for newly proposed structures? Will we terminate maintenance staffing? What happens to insurance costs?

Wiser perhaps to approve just one structure,see how our funds are cared for; what real costs are; Pay as we go!

I worry about such a long term obligation.

Feel the same way?, Vote No on this bond Issue.

— Peter Zelnick


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