MVVM veterans memoirs


TROY — Edison State’s Dr. Vivian Blevins has been volunteering with area veterans for over 10 years and has written dozens of their stories for publication in area newspapers.

In teaching at the local college, Blevins has learned some of her students don’t have a clue about the military service of their family members, so she is beginning a series of monthly sessions at the Miami Valley Veterans Museum, at 2245 S. County Road 25A, Troy, on Wednesday, June 14, at noon. Veterans can consider what they have about their military experiences and how they want to put it all together in one place: a box, a folder, an essay, a book, whatever.

Begin thinking about what you have: draft notice, photographs, news clippings, greeting cards, letters, notes, telegrams, citations, ribbons, shrapnel. K rations, shells, birthday candles, pay slips, candy/gum wrappers, grenades, bus/train tickets, separation papers, etc. And maybe you have things that belonged to your dad or an uncle or aunt to include.

And memories. What about those memories that only you can know/understand? An act of kindness when you gave that little girl a chocolate bar in Korea, or one of your own threw you across his shoulder or dragged you to safety?

No special writing talents required, just a desire to get together with other veterans and do it.

Email Blevins at [email protected] or call and leave a message: 937-778-3815. Or just show up.

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