National Farm Safety, Health Week is Sept. 18-22


CASSTOWN — With harvest season approaching, the Miami East MVCTC FFA is raising awareness by observing National Farm Safety and Health Week, held Sept. 18-22.

One of the most hazardous industries in the United States is agriculture, said a Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter press release. As a result, many injuries and illnesses occur to farmers and ranchers almost everyday across the nation. The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter salutes the hard-working farmers and ranchers that feed our country and the world.

Farmers and ranchers, and the general public are often injured when agricultural machinery is involved in roadway incidents. To increase the awareness of the limitations of agricultural machinery in traveling speed and maneuverability the National Safety Council will observe the National Farm Safety and Health Week focusing on this issue.

“As you travel the rural roads of Miami County please drive slowly and cautiously,” said the release. “Farmers can’t maneuver or slow as quickly as a passenger vehicle. Farmers also drive their equipment on the road during all hours of the day and night. Please be advised that large farm equipment often takes up more of the road than a car or truck.

“We live in a health conscious society and many of us exercise as part of our daily routine. Walking and running are common forms of exercise in rural areas. The safest way to walk or run on rural roads is to travel on the side of the road with the traffic coming at you. In this way, you can see the situation ahead. If you’re facing the traffic, then you can react to the situation. If not …. well the result could be tragic.

“Riding a bicycle is a common form of exercise in rural areas. When riding a bicycle, wear your helmet and travel on the road with traffic. Mirrors are available to attach to either the bicycle or the helmet that can help you see what is coming up from behind. Remember that we all share the road, so take safety into your own hands.

“Farmers will watch out for you, if you watch out for them. Move slowly and keep alert at all times. The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter wishes everyone a safe and productive harvest season. When you see a slow moving vehicle please slow down.“

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