New Jubie’s Creamery ice cream shop opens in Troy.


By Carly Rose

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TROY — Jubie’s Creamery, a local ice cream shop throughout the Dayton area, has opened in Troy.

Jubie’s Creamery is owned by Stacey, Fred, and daughter Julie Domicone, who opened their third creamery at 79 Foss Way on Monday, July 1. The owners established their first Jubie’s Creamery in Fairborn, in July 2018; their second creamery opened in Moraine, in May 2022.

“It took us about a year, and we finally stumbled on this beautiful location, we saw in the paper that the business before was going out of business here and it took one look and knew this was it, so that’s why we’re in Troy,” Fred told those who attended the ribbon cutting celebration for the new Troy location. “I’ve known that Troy has a strong sense of community, with a small community ice cream shop.”

“Wouldn’t it be so fun if we opened a shop ourselves?” Julie said when discussing how opening Jubie’s Creamery came about.

It’s family ran with Julie’s parents and they wanted to create something special.

“We have a strong family connection, and we enjoy the work environment, and being an entrepreneur comes with plus and minuses,” said Julie.

Jubie’s Creamery offers 32 different flavors of homemade ice cream in store, as well as a soft custard, which is also offered with the option to add eight flavors, which is known as their flavor burst. Their hand dips have three buckets with different flavors that are rotated every three weeks. You can also find Jubie’s ice cream at Copey’s Butchershop and pints at Dorothy Lane Market.

One thing that makes the creamery stand out is their mascot Jubie, inspired by Julie who has always loved elephants, and made an elephant lamp in shop class and brought it home and her dad looked at it said “that’s our mascot.”

The family plans on opening even more locations in the future and are looking for good opportunities to really grow as much as much as they can.

Troy was at the top of their list when trying to pinpoint their next location, and want to grow their brand in the community and to embrace local business.

“We are very excited to get the word out that we are in Troy, and want to get the community involved.” she said.

Jubie’s Creamery Troy store is open everyday 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. The store can be reached at 937-552-7558.

View their menu online at

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