Offer buyers peace of mind


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

Do you want to add to the appeal of your home when selling? Aside from basic mechanical or cosmetic repairs your home may need before you get it on the market, there’s one other easy and inexpensive way to make buyers feel good about purchasing your home. It’s called a “home warranty,” and for years it’s been a popular marketing tool, especially for older homes.

We all understand that appliances and home systems like heating and air eventually wear out and break down with age. By offering a home warranty to the buyers, they are actually receiving peace of mind, since the warranty will cover most repairs to appliances and other systems for the first year of new ownership.

You also increase the likelihood of a great offer, since buyers won’t try to subtract the cost of expected repairs. They’ll know they are covered by the home warranty if anything should go wrong. To file a claim, the buyers call a single toll-free number to arrange repairs for any item covered in the policy. Home warranties are so practical that buyers often continue their coverage past the first year.

When selling your home, ask your agent about the different home warranty plans available. You’ll find that this minimal investment could pay off handsomely in a great offer from confident buyers.

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