Other ideas should be explored for Nicklin Avenue land


To the editor:

It’s obvious from all the “NO” signs in the yards in the Nicklin Avenue area of Piqua that there is significant opposition to low-cost housing being built on the site of the former Wilder school. I believe as the City of Piqua makes a decision on this lot, commissioners need to pay attention to those who have invested in their homes in the area and do not want to see a decline in property values and traffic congestion. I understand the price of the lot is $100,000, and I believe consideration should be given to other uses for this valuable piece of property: enticing green space with a few benches, a playground for children, stations with fitness equipment for adults and a running track on the perimeter, athletic fields for the school that is a few blocks away. I’m sure there are other ideas for how this space can be used in terms of its value to the people of the neighborhood, and low-cost housing construction is not the answer.

Vivian Blevins


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