Tipp BOE disappoints again


To the editor:

At a recent BOE meeting the 4 board members in attendance agreed to allow a business to come into Tipp City and gave them 100% tax abatement for 15 years.

It is LAW when a business is going to ask not to be required to pay their taxes that they put a carrot out and see if the school board is dumb enough to take the bait. Northpoint dangled a small carrot and the BOE took it.

Of course, on hand at the Board meeting were Tipp City officials to help pressure the board into making a deal. Northpoint promised jobs, which is councils’ carrot, but they do not know, or would not divulge, who would occupy these buildings.

I sent the BOE information on Northpoint August 1. If they bothered to read it, they ignored it. Do your own search for Northpoint. Go to Levelset.com and read about the 23 liens against their properties in the last four years with 2 being this year. 22 of those still open.

The BOE has just spent over a million dollars on a stadium project that Tipp Pride told the public they would do, an open-ended mental health contract, additional bus routes so the teachers could send the kids home one hour early once a week and raises to personnel outside their contracts.

Tipp City is putting a levy on the ballot to raise the income taxes. The BOE is going put a levy on within the next year for expenses that are not in their budget. The BOE will then come at you again for school buildings.

How sad, that even with the information about NorthPoint the BOE decided this company can come right in, pay no taxes for 15 years but yet they are going to come after you- the homeowner for your tax money every year and ask for more.

We need to stand up to the BOE, Tipp City Council and as was published the MVCTC board. The only thing stopping this may be the MVCTC board in their September meeting. We already know that Council wants this so I don’t know if the taxpayers speaking out at council will be any help, they seem to already be on board with this, but it never hurts to get it on public record.

Kathy Bone

Tipp City

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