Piqua Chamber celebrates Top 100 students


By Matt Clevenger

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PIQUA- Exceptional students from Piqua High School, Lehman Catholic High School, the Upper Valley Career Center and the Christian Academy School were honored at Alexander Stadium on Wednesday, May 10, during the fifty-ninth annual Top 100 Scholastic Awards Ceremony hosted by the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce.

Kathy Sherman, President of the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce, served as master of ceremonies during the event.

“We are honoring 148 of the top scholastic students from Lehman Catholic High School, Piqua City Schools, the Upper Valley Career Center, and the Christian Academy School in Sidney,” Sherman said. “This evening is to give recognition to and celebrate these students’ scholastic achievements.”

Students received a commemorative plaque during the awards presentation portion of the ceremony, and a gift certificate for ice cream from Suzy’s Big Dipper, courtesy of Thrivent Financial Professionals.

The ceremony also featured presentations by student speakers Sam Schmiesing and Daria Lee.

Schmiesing, a Piqua High School student, spoke about what it means to be a four-time Top 100 recipient.

“I’ve learned that academic success is achieved through dedication, determination and consistency,” he said. “Dedication is the foundation of success. Determination is crucial to facing challenges; consistency is key for achieving long-term success.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Schmiesing said. “Seeking help is not a weakness, but a strength; it means recognizing your limitations and being pro-active, seeking out resources and support from your teachers and peers.”

Daria Lee, a Lehman Catholic High School student and three-time Top 100 recipient, spoke about the importance of balancing young adult schedules.

“Knowing how to balance our young adult schedules is one of the most important aspects of being a young adult,” Lee said. “Many of us here are going to be attending college within the next year to three years. Balancing these different schedules in high school prepares us for the intense college life that lies before us.”

“Achieving the Top 100 recognition while participating in many clubs and sports is not an easy accomplishment,” she said. “It requires dedication and commitment to allowing time for your studies. It is not easy, but there are long-lasting outcomes.”

The awards ceremony was sponsored by a group of approximately 30 local companies and organizations, including banner sponsor Hulme and Company CPAs and lead sponsor The French Oil Mill Machinery Co.

“You should be very proud of yourselves,” French Oil Mill Machinery Co. President Dan French said. “It is a pleasure and an honor for French Oil Mill Machinery Co. and myself to be the lead sponsor for this important event.”

“Our company and our people highly value and strongly support educational excellence,” French said. “Our businesses, our community and our nation need the best and the brightest, to help us move forward to confront the domestic and foreign challenges which lie ahead.”

2023 Top 100 Scholastic Award Recipients

Jordan Adkins, Enzo Alexander, Mark Alexander, Zaydyn Allen, Olivia Anthony, Simon Baker, Savannah Baughman, Camryn Best, Mydalis Bixler, Brooklyn Black, Trista Boeke, Marissa Bragg, Alyssa Brock, Ryan Brown, Olivia Browning, Nathan Buecker, Aaren Burroughs, Coltin Bryon, Breeze Cary, Allie Cathcart, Rachel Cavender, Evan Clark, Catherine Copsey, Khloi Courtney, Julia Curl, Body Curtner, Kade Dankworth, Kaydence Dorsten, Kaden Earick, Deon Eichelberger, Elizabeth Elliott, Adriana Emery, Shaylene Farrell, Alexis Flora, Tatiana Foos, Addyson Ford, Torrence Foster, Preston Fugate, Marin Funderburg, Christopher Galbreath, Ashlyn Gearhardt, Diana Gertner- Agudelo, Pearl Golden, Skylerdale Graham, Landon Gray, Tommy Grise, Madison Haworth, Jackson Hemmert, Natalie Hemmert, Zachary Henne, Allison Hicks, Josie Hill, Alyssa Hollopeter, Braden Holtvogt, Lainey Honeycutt, Reagan Howard, Elizabeth Hubbard, Olivia Hutman, Gianna James, Jacob Jensvold, Tahneal Johnson, Tyara Johnshase Joyal, Sona Karamyan, Aidan Keener, Abigail Kirk, Brayden Kohler, Emery Kuhlman, Tate Kuhlman, Gracie LaPointe, Trenton Laughman, Adelaide Leasure, Zoe Leasure, Daria Lee, Ivy Lee, Kaden Lee, Timothy Magill, Kasey Marrs, Westin Marrs, Wyatt Marrs, Chloe Martin, Zander Mason, Katie McFarland, Adriana McKinney, Jack McMaken, Romen Medley, Matthew Meiring, Layla Mitchell, Anna Monroe, Mason Moreland, Isabella Murray, Gracelynn Neil, Payten Neth, Donovan O’Leary, Nickloas Ortiz, Brady Ouhl, Hannah Peterson, Ty Pettus, Emma Pierron, Zane Pratt, Alexandria Preston, Emma Preston, Justice Price, Richard Price, McKenna Reindel, Adelynn Rich, Colton Rittenhouse,Kirk Robbins, Bryson Roberts, Caylee Roe, Evian Rojas, Trenton Rudd, Aidyn Sarson, Sam Schmiesing, Jacob Schweitzer, Kennedy Shaffer, Kristen Shaneyfelt, Katie Shaw, Hunter Shoffner, Kharlyana Sims, Kevin Slife, Gabriel Sloan, Aiden Smith, Jenna Snyder, Brayden Soliday, Kaitlynn Sorrell, Raylie Sterling, Xavier Strunk, Fate Studebaker, Olivia Stumpff, Tarika Sutter, Mason Swallow, Benjamin Thompson, David Thompson, Wesley Thompson, Hayley Vincent, Grace Voskuhl, Caden Walters, Brynna Watkins, McKenna Watson, Matthew Weiser, Lucy Weiss, Ian Wessel and Austin Wiltheiss.

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