Piqua City Commissioners postpone rules change


By Eamon Baird

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PIQUA — The Piqua City Commissioners, at the Tuesday, Oct. 17 meeting, removed an ordinance from the City Commission meeting agenda up for consideration that would have changed the rules of conduct for commission meetings.

The ordinance City Commission removed from the agenda would have capped the number of public comments to 20 residents during commission meetings and required them to sign up by noon on the day of the commission meeting through an online forum.

Commissioner Kazy Hinds addressed the reason for the removal.

“I feel that as we move into the new year with new commissioners, they should be the ones to vote on that,” Hinds said.

Paul Simmons, who is running uncontested for second ward commissioner, praised this decision.

“Your actions here tonight in saying’Hey, we want to take that motion and we want to toss it says that you trust these people, and me, out here tonight, and that you trust next year’s commission, including myself, to deal with difficult situations. And that shows grace, intelligence and respect, not just to me, but to everyone out here,” Simmons said.

In other business, the commissioners also approved the appointment of Sharon Watson as a member of the Forest Hill Union Cemetery Board.

Also Tuesday, Jennifer Knisley addressed the commissioners as a representative of the Child Advocacy Center. Knisley said the center has been open for 10 months and has seen 123 children, including 30 from Piqua.

“We’re super excited that in the short time we’ve been open, we’ve been able to accomplish quite a bit, and that is thanks to your support,” Knisley said.

Kathy Sherman, executive director of the Piqua Chamber of Commerce, gave an update on enhancements in the community.

“There are many positive things happening in Piqua, and we, as residents, need to celebrate those positive activities, celebrate the victories and become cheerleaders,” Sherman said.

Wilson Reiser, owner and CEO of Winans, addressed the commissioners about businesses in downtown Piqua.

“We have a spark, but it requires kindling, it requires that we continue to double down on our community. The ultimate goal is to increase the livability of our community and to continue to retain and attract great citizens,” Reiser said.

In old business, the commissioners approved a Tax Increment Equivalent Fund (TIF) fund with Ascend Wellness Holdings for infrastructure improvements on Recker Road. This project will install water and sewer lines and facilitate future projects.

In new business, the commissioners unanimously approved the following resolutions:

• To vacate an easement from Lakewood Place and Echo Lake.

• Authorize the city manager to initiate legislation between the IR75 bridge expansion joints project and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

• Authorize the city manager to enter a preliminary agreement for the MIA IR 75 culvert paving project and ODOT.

During the commissioner’s comments, Vice Mayor Kris Lee said he appreciated the decision to postpone changing the rules for commission meetings.

“People have a right to come up and voice their grievances, and I don’t mind listening to what they have to say, and I wouldn’t be up here otherwise,” Lee said.

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