Piqua City Commissioners take on their new roles


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

PIQUA – Beginning on May 1, the city of Piqua saw some changes within the Piqua City Commission and its leadership.

Former Mayor and Commissioner Thomas Fogt stepped down from both positions. Former Vice Mayor Cindy Pearson stepped into the position of mayor of Piqua. Commissioner Kris Lee became the new vice mayor, while James “Jim” Vetter was elected to the position of First Ward Commissioner.

Pearson stated, “I love serving this amazing community and the incredible citizens by sitting on the commission and becoming mayor of Piqua. It’s a real honor to be able to serve them.”

Pearson, and many of the other commissioners, urge their citizens to get involved and volunteer, whether it be in the schools, the park system, or at events like Mainstreet Piqua’s Rock Piqua and Rock Piqua Car Show coming up on June 18.

“We need the young adults to join us and bring in fresh new ideas,” Pearson said.

Lee commented, “I’m elated to step into the role of vice mayor for the city of Piqua. I want to support our new Mayor Cindy Pearson in any way I can and continue to serve the city as best as I can.”

The commissioners have welcomed Jim Vetter into the ranks, with Pearson stating, “I am so thrilled to have him join us on the commissioner. He is so knowledgeable and talented. He loves this community and already serves on multiple boards. I believe he is going to be a huge asset.”

Vetter has been an active member of the Piqua community for many years serving on multiple boards and involved with many organizations including his role as canal boat captain for the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency for the past 23 years.

“I’m pretty pleased that I have the opportunity to serve the community in a new way and help my ward step up to the next level and overcome obstacles,” Vetter stated. “I want to thank the citizens for entrusting me with these responsibilities and I want to thank my fellow commissioners and departments for being so helpful. It’s a learning curve.”

Vetter decided to apply for the commission to help those in his ward as he feels there is an “extremely high rental turnover” and the ward “desperately needs advocacy.” According to Vetter, the ward has a low percentage of registered voters that aren’t being heard.

Vetter had been a resident of Piqua for 40-plus years and has worked for the Miami County Educational Services and Head Start, Developmental Disabilities. He has been a part of the Underground Utility Board, the Tree Committee, D.A.R.E., the Friends of the Park, the Piqua Neighborhood Improvement Corporation, and many other boards and positions. Vetter is also involved with youth sports and showcasing his musical abilities at his church and with other bands.

“I’m really excited about having the ability to help voice concerns in my ward and being able to help move things forward in a positive direction, for not just my ward, but Piqua has a whole,” Vetter commented.

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