Piqua Commission honors passing of Lucy Fess


By Haylee Pence

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PIQUA – On Tuesday, Feb. 15, the Piqua City Commissioners met to hear two resolutions. Following this, Commissioner Kazy Hinds informed the audience and commission that former commissioner and mayor Lucinda “Lucy” Fess had passed away. Fess had served on the commission for many years and served as mayor of Piqua twice during that time. The audience and commission partook in a moment of silence.

“She was a huge mentor to me,” Hinds said.

Hinds said Fess was the first female mayor. Fess served on the Piqua City Commission from 1992 to 1996 and again from 2008 to 2015.

“We give thanks for the life of Lucy Fess, and those of you who have lived here for many years will remember her, will remember the many ways that she did good work for our community. She believed in Piqua,” Hinds said. Hinds also stated, “It was an honor to serve after her.”

Fess also previously served as the city’s economic development director for five years. A number of city initiatives took place while Fess served on the commission, including the new Water Treatment Plant and the Riverfront Redevelop Strategy.

“We give thanks for her life,” Hinds said, adding that all of those who knew and loved Fess are in their thoughts and prayers. Fess, who is a Piqua native, moved to Florida a few years ago to be with family.

During the commissioners’ meeting, the first resolution discussed involved an easement in the right of way on East Ash Street. According to the meeting agenda, the applicant for the easement wants to sell his property, which is the former Citizens National Bank Building and is considered a historic building. The easement is needed due to a “small encroachment” of 0.34 feet. The commissioners approved the easement.

The next resolution involved the rezoning of four parcels to accommodate for new housing. The current area is labeled as a multifamily residential zone and a business zone, and the rezoning would change it to a central business district zone. The proposed design for the area includes “seven townhouses, three new single family homes, a retail unit, all supported by off-street parking built into rear garages on the lot,” according to the resolution. The zoning area is on East Water Street near Lock 9 Park with the retail unit being on the corner of Water Street and Spring Street. The commissioners approved the resolution.

Prior to the public meeting, the commissioners participated in a private executive session. In this, they discussed city personnel and economic development.

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