Piqua, Troy bowlers split matches; Tipp bowlers lose to Butler


PIQUA — The Piqua boys bowling team will take the lead in the MVL Miami Division into this weekend’s tournament.

The Indians defeated Troy 2,030-1.991 in a match at BreakPoint Entertainment Tuesday.

Piqua is 12-3 overall and 7-2 in the MVL.

Troy is 7-8 overall and 5-3 in the MVL and will host Tippecanoe Thursday.

Troy had a 15-pin lead going to the baker games, but Piqua rolled 195 and 202 to Troy’s 164 and 179.

Dylan Jenkins led Piqua with games of 186 and 188.

Ethan Snyder rolled games of 181 and 154 and Collin Snyder had games of 175 and 156.

Brayden Soliday had games of 158 and 172 and Connor Bollinger had games of 117 and 156.

Ethan Blanchard rolled 184 and 175 to lead Troy.

Bryce Massingill rolled games of 162 and 190 and Isaac Witz had games of 149 and 177.

Carson Hillman had games of 135 and 167, Logan Smith rolled a 157 game and Ryan Kaiser rolled a 152 game.

Butler 2,157,

Tipp 2,117

VANDALIA — In another close match, Tippecanoe dropped to 4-8 overall and 3-5 in the MVL.

Tipp will bowl Troy Thursday and the MVL tournament is this weekend.

Tipp had a 13-pin lead going to the baker games, but Butler rolled 240 and 178 to Tipp’s 190 and 175.

Cameron Hunt had 181 and 208 to lead Tippecanoe.

Dillen Swartz rolled 182 and 197, while Colin Maalouf had games of 165 and 190.

Brenden Blacketer rolled games of 169 and 180, Brenden Lupton had a 150 and Nate Johnson added a 130.


Troy 1,946

Piqua 1,619

PIQUA — The Troy girls bowling team improved 13-2 overall and 6-2 in the MVL.

A win over Tippecanoe Thursday would give them a one-game lead in the Miami Division heading into the MVL tournament this weekend.

Piqua dropes to 10-5 overall and 6-3 in the MVL.

Kayleigh McMullen led Troy with games of 205 and 162.

Kiandra Smith rolled games of 185 and 174 and Aiyana Godwin had games of 150 and 166.

Kylie Schiml rolled games of 128 and 178, Morgan Shilt rolled a 143 game and Kaylee Kalmar had a 123 game.

Lillian Kirk led Piqua with games of 143 and 170.

Lauren Hicks had games of 160 and 149 and Katelyn Brown rolled games of 129 and 176.

Miranda Sweetman had games of 130 and 121 and Kiya Treon had games of 106 and 117.

Troy rolled baker games of 152 and 180 and Piqua had baker games of 95 and 123.

Butler 1,782,

Tipp 1,424

VANDALIA — The Tippecanoe girls bowling team dropped to 2-10 overall and 2-6 in the MVL.

Tipp bowls Troy Thursday and the MVL tournament is this weekend.

Emily VonKrosigk led Tipp with games of 123 and 173.

Isabeall Janney had games of 136 and 137 and Julianne Arblaster had games of 135 and 111.

Reganne Dilbone had games of 126 and 74 and Jocelyn Gold had games of 91 and 81.

Tipp rolled baker games of 136 and 101.

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