Piqua Compassion Network celebrates 15 years


PIQUA – The Piqua Compassion Network celebrated their 15th anniversary at their open house on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at its new location at 325 W. Ash St.

The Piqua Compassion Network began in 2007 at the Bethany Center building. A board of trustees was created. The organization has grown during their 15 years and provides numerous programs and assistance.

“Piqua Compassion Network exists to transform lives by providing Christian hope, education, and basic needs assistance to Piqua area residents. We are committed to providing a hand up, not a hand out, by empowering individuals to move forward from crisis and poverty,” stated in their mission statement. In the entrance to the office, there is a diagram of their mission statement and their programs and collaborations stemming from the mission statement, which includes the Power Project, Piqua Works, Edison State Empowerment Pathway, Celebrate Recovery, and Steps to Change.

Various members of the organizations were providing tours of the organization and describing the assistance process. Rebecca Sousek, executive director, stated that once clients enter the building, they enter the assessment center where they meet with intake person to do an intake form to find the “most urgent need.” Then, clients are transferred to another room to meet with a care guide to further assess their needs.

“They do a deeper dive of the client’s needs,” said Sousek.

Rick Nicodemus, a care guide with Piqua Compassion Network and at-large member of the executive committee, followed that statement saying, “we try not to just look at the surface and put a band-aid on things. We try to look at what’s really going on below the surface and then, we are the clearing house. We connect them with the help that we offer, if appropriate, or connect them with other organizations if their needs are things that we don’t do.”

Piqua Compassion Network also holds a Celebrate Recovery program which is a faith-based recovery program which includes the 12 steps to provide healing and sobriety.

Another program is Steps to Change, which is a financial based program that lasts six weeks. The program provides financial assessments and guidance to help individuals plan better for their future.

Fostering Stability is another program that the organization provides for individuals who have aged out of the foster care system or are currently in the system. This program provides life skills to those individuals.

Piqua Compassion Network has a variety of community and church partnerships and collaborations that work together to provide support and assistance to folks throughout the community.

Sousek commented, “We can’t do this alone. We need our community support.

At the Open House, the Piqua Compassion Network served desserts and had door prizes available for attendees.

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