Piqua farmer takes third in state competition


ST. LOUIS, Mo. — America’s corn farmers proved, once again, they are resilient, innovative and competitive. By adapting practices, adopting new technology and doing more with less, America’s corn farmers made great contributions in helping to feed and fuel a growing world.

It is this innovative spirit that the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) tips its hat to every year as they honor farmers from across the country for their efforts and exceptional results in the National Corn Yield Contest. Through their efforts, NCGA members contributed valuable data that will help all growers overcome incredible obstacles as they continue to drive efficient and sustainable agricultural production. NCGA believes every corn farmer is a champion, and they are proud of the dedicated families and individuals who make up the rural communities. NCGA thanks them for the work they do on and off the field that contributes to the winning team.

Steve Snider of Piqua, Ohio, placed third in the state in the No-Till, Non-Irrigated Class with a yield of 291.3432 bushels per acre. The winning field was located in Ohio.

Snider was one of 538 state winners nationwide. The 2022 contest participation included 6,337 entries from 46 states. Of the state winners, 27 growers – three from each of nine classes – were named national winners, representing 12 states.

The average yield among national winners was more than 340.7245 bushels per acre – more than double the projected 2022 U.S. average of 172 bushels per acre. While there is no overall contest winner, yields from first, second and third place farmers’ overall production categories topped 262.7586 bushels per acre.

“Year after year, farmer participants contribute to building a better crop for tomorrow. By exploring adaption, innovation and the tools new technologies offer, farmers sharpen their game and set new standards for the industry”, said Tom Hagg, a Minnesota farmer and current president of the National Corn Growers Association. “One thing I know about corn farmers is how much they love to push themselves to be their best. The 2022 NCYC winners’ class is no exception, this group grew corn like champions.”

Farmers are encouraged through the contest to utilize new, efficient production techniques. Agronomic data gleaned from the contest revealed the following:

• Average harvest population for the national winners was 37,164 seeds per acre, compared to 34,386 for all entrants.

• National winners applied an average of 203 pounds of nitrogen, 50 pounds of phosphorus and 50 pounds of potassium per acre.

• Average commercial nitrogen use per bushel of yield was 0.85 pounds for the national winners and 0.82 pounds for all entrants.

• 44 percent of the national winners applied trace minerals, compared to 49 percent of all entrants.

• 22 percent of national winners applied manure, compared to 24 percent of all entrants.

For more than half a century, NCGA’s National Corn Yield Contest has provided corn growers with the opportunity to compete with their colleagues to grow the most corn per acre, helping feed and fuel the world. This has given participants not only the recognition they deserved but the opportunity to learn from their peers.

All 2022 contest winners were invited to attend the 2023 Commodity Classic held March 9-11 in Orlando, Fla. For a complete list of winners and for more information about NCYC, visit the NCGA website at www.ncga.com.

The National Corn Growers Association represents nearly 40,000 members, 50 affiliated state corn grower and checkoff organizations, and over 300,000 corn farmers who contribute to state checkoff programs.

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