Piqua looks to create rental inspection program


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

PIQUA – The city of Piqua is considering establishing a rental inspection program.

Owners of rental residential properties would be required to apply for a valid rental license from the city. According to the draft of the ordinance published on the city of Piqua’s website (https://piquaoh.org/1567/Rental-Registration-Program), the application includes the name of the property owner, the address, and a floor plan for each rental space, and a copy of the rental agreement and more. The license will be valid for one year.

The residential property will also be required to be inspected at the initial application by the city of Piqua. The inspection includes the interior and the exterior of the property. According to the draft, if a property owner doesn’t consent to the inspection, the code official can request an administrative search warrant.

Any subsequent inspections would occur if any complaints are received, after one year, or after three years depending on the conditions of the property.

Property owners will be required to pay an application fee as well, which according to Chris Schmiesing, community and economic development director, the fee is $65.

The city of Piqua will be able to provide a registry of rental properties that meet standards in the area.

According to the presentation from the work session on April 24, the “landlord shall be guarantor when utilities are in tenants name.” The landlord will receive a copy of any shut off or late notices that are sent to tenants.

A majority of homes in the city of Piqua were built in 1939 or older according to data presented from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Other information from the survey indicates that home ownership in Piqua has decreased since 2013. The median home cost in Piqua is $112,400.

Average rent in Piqua is reportedly $968 according to the survey. The data shows that there are 115 rental units that lack a kitchen, 37 rental units lack plumbing, and 10 lack a central heating system.

The Piqua Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the matter on June 13. Then, the Piqua City Commission will hold its first reading on June 20. The second reading will be on July 18. Then the final reading will be on Aug. 8. If the ordinance is passed, then it will be adopted on Aug. 23. Registration will be open between Oct. 1 to Dec. 31. Inspections would begin on Jan. 1, 2024.

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