Piqua man sentenced for identity fraud and theft


TROY – A Lima man was sentenced Tuesday morning to 18 months for identity fraud, grand theft, and misuse of a credit card.

Donnie McCoy, 39, received 18 months for each charge to be served concurrently by Judge Jeannine N. Pratt of Miami County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

McCoy’s post-release control is discretionary and for a maximum of two years.

His counsel provided a statement saying that McCoy wanted community control in order to do inpatient treatment for his addiction to drugs.

McCoy provided his own statement. He apologized for his actions, “I’m asking for one last chance to prove that I’m a productive member of society.” He said he didn’t want to be another statistic.

According to the state’s counsel, McCoy and the others in his group spent $14,871.07 of the victim’s money following the death of the victim. They were living with the victim off and on until his death.

The pre-sentence investigation described McCoy’s prior charges which include drug offenses, drug paraphernalia, OVI, DWI, failure to appear, passing bad checks, breaking and entering, check fraud. It also included current charges of aggravated possession of drugs and possession of drugs. In total, Pratt said that there were six terms of supervision and four prison terms.

“Your criminal history is bad. Your supervision record is bad,” said Pratt.

According to police records, the victim’s representative reported that money from the victim’s account had been used without consent. Investigations led to video evidence of McCoy utilizing the victim’s bank card to purchase various items. Also in the police records was that McCoy allegedly told a partner to “get rid of everything else.”

Pratt told Johnson that it shows “intent to destroy evidence.”

“Your history speaks for itself. There’s no attempt to rehabilitate yourself,” commented Pratt.

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