Piqua volunteers recognized for outstanding work in 2023


PIQUA — The Piqua Community Foundation presented local volunteers with The Scott J. & Margaret W. Hinsch Community Service Awards during a surprise presentation on Monday, Feb. 19.

Chuck Peltier, vice president for Piqua Neighborhood Improvement, Inc., nominated Jim Vetter, Maria Bubp, and Joe Wilson for the group’s outstanding work with Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Throughout 2023, the group enhanced the appearance of four homes in the community. It successfully rectified violations on one properly, all without imposing any financial burden on the homeowners.

“The three nominees planned the activities to improve the properties of Piqua homeowners who did not have the physical or financial abilities to do the work,” Peltier wrote. “This program not only helps homeowners in need, but the volunteers benefit from helping Piqua citizens.”

Shawn Rickert, executive director of the Bethany Center, nominated Marlene (Marty) Davis for her dedication to the center’s mission of providing essential services to those most in need. Davis oversees the food pantry, dedicating hundreds of hours to assisting in feeding over 10,000 people during 2023. She manages inventory, maintains records, and leads other volunteers in the food pantry operation.

“Marty’s contribution to the food pantry is invaluable,” Rickert wrote in his nomination. “She arrives early and leaves late, ensuring that the community’s food insecurity is addressed.”

The winners received a glass plaque to commemorate the occasion, and the nominating nonprofit agency received a $2,000 unrestricted grant from The Hinsch Family Fund of The Piqua Community Foundation in recognition of the outstanding volunteers. The Hinsch Awards are offered annually to an individual or small group that exemplifies the legacy of service that Scott J. & Margaret W. Hinsch left in the Piqua community.

“The Hinsch Family appreciates volunteers from all walks of life,” remarked John Hinsch, Marsha Hinsch, and Dr. Linda Hinsch Campbell. “The two annual Scott J. & Margaret W. Hinsch Community Service Awards are given to recognize individuals or small groups who have made a significant, positive contribution to a Piqua charity. The awards are based on an “annual” effort, not a “lifetime” effort. A small group of Piqua residents serve on the Committee that selects the annual winners. These awards started in 2016 and will continue long into the future. Congratulations to the 2024 Award Winners.”

The Hinsch Family Fund committee, the nominators, and representatives from the nominating organizations presented the awards Monday. To watch livestream videos and more photos from the awards presentations, visit The Piqua Community Foundation’s Facebook page.

For more information about The Piqua Community Foundation and The Scott J. & Margaret W. Hinsch Community Service Awards, visit piquacommunityfoundation.org.

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