PPD cruisers get new look


PIQUA — Police cruisers in the city of Piqua will no longer be referred-to as “black and whites” beginning with the acquisition of three new 2021 vehicles that were recently delivered.

The new cruisers will sport an all white look with blue and black — the thin blue line striping on either side.

Deputy Chief Tom Steiner of the Piqua Police Department said the new, updated, look will save costs down the road as it will eliminate the need for repainting as police vehicles transfer to other city departments following their use by the police department.

The three 2021 vehicles are ready to enter service. Steiner said two 2022 Durangos are currently on order with an undetermined delivery date.

The city currently operated a fleet of 12 road patrol car units, each with an anticipated five-year cycle. Most are then transferred to other city departments where they will continue to be used in a lower mileage capacity.

Steiner said that none of the current fleet will be repainted. The current black and white cruisers will remain in service, as-is, until they are scheduled for replacement.

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