Progress submissions deadline set for Jan. 26


TROY — Miami Valley Today is preparing for the publication of its annual Progress Editions in February.

The special sections will be published on two consecutive issues in the newspaper, Sunday, Feb. 25, and Wednesday, Feb. 28. The Feb. 25 section will include Business/Finance/Agriculture (also to include professional, real estate and insurance) and Industry/Utilities/Construction (also to include trucking and architects). The second section will include Government/Emergency Services/Courts, and Education/Arts/Health Care/Community.

The special editions will focus on growth and progress realized during the past year and include forecasts for the new year. If it has been a difficult year due to the economy, feel free to comment on how the business or agency has been impacted and how you are dealing with it.

Requirements for the 2023-24 editions follow:

• Copy deadline is Jan. 26. Reports received after that date may not be used.

• Email submissions to [email protected]. Please submit as a Word document (.doc) or plain text (.txt) file. Hand-written or typed reports will not be accepted. Do not submit your report as a PDF as it will be returned to you.

• Photographs or artwork may be emailed to the same address in jpeg format. They should be a separate attachment from the word document. They may also be mailed or hand delivered to the MVT office.

• The length limit on the report is 600 words. Reports that are more than 600 words will be sent back to the individual making the report for editing. Local real estate agencies submitting reports have a 400 word limit. The top 15 employers in the county will have a 1,000 word limit for their submission.

• Reports should focus on accomplishments and growth realized during 2023, along with how the business or agency adapted to the current economy. If possible, include projections of what is expected during the next year as well.

• A photo of the individual making the report should be included with the report. When feasible, a photograph or chart with the report to help tell the story will be used.

A letter has been e-mailed to local businesses and agencies who had a submission in the 2023 edition. Anyone who didn’t receive an e-mailed letter, or would like to be added to the mailing list, contact Sheryl Roadcap, 937-552-2131. For advertising questions, contact general manager Natalie Buzzard, 937-538-4667.

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