Protecting Our Water Ways volunteers at it again


To the editor:

POWW (Protecting Our Water Ways) volunteers have been at it again because Litter Bugs never learn.

On December 8th, volunteers participated in the first ever Winter Sweep of the Piqua Hydraulic Canal. We got out about 40 pounds of trash from Franz Pond to Swift Run Lake. Lots of empty water, soda, energy drink bottles, beer cans, whiskey bottles, bait buckets and plastic floral wreaths, etc.

Then, again volunteers descended on upper Fountain Park boat ramp on February 26th to pick up the trash that came out of the trash can there. Someone threw the whole can in the canal. City sanitation crews repaired wood fencing there and recovered the can. POWW volunteers picked up about 30 pounds then.

Today, 3/3, POWW volunteers gathered up about 400 pounds of trash under the Ash Street over the GMR and hoisted it by hand and ropes to the top deck of the bridge to be disposed of correctly. trash included two tents, air mattress, cot, phone cords, tooth paste, deodorant, wet clothes, and lots of snack and cookie wrappers.

Please be considerate of our public open natural areas. Pack it in and pack it out, especially consumables that weigh less after consumption than when purchased.


T. Lange



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