Provisions Co. plans Mayflower Building opening


By Matt Clevenger

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TROY — The owners of Provisions Co. have announced plans to open a new location in the Mayflower Building within the next week, in time for the Troy Strawberry Festival on Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4.

“We are hoping to open Provisions in the next week, so that we’re open for the Strawberry Festival,” Provisions Co. owner Jess Nielson said. “Then the rest of the building will open throughout the rest of the year.”

In addition to Provisions Co.’s full line of locally-themed and produced retail goods, the new location will also offer spirits from A.M. Scott Distillery including a new strawberry-flavored vodka that will be released on Thursday, June 1, in honor of the Strawberry Festival.

“We’re excited to release our strawberry vodka for the Strawberry Festival,” Nielson said. “We will be selling all of our A.M. Scott Distillery spirits there too; bourbon, gin and vodka.”

The new location will also carry several other new products and items.

“We’ll have many of the same items, and also some new items,” Nielson said. “We’re really excited about bringing in a line of goods from Pappy and Co., which is a company that was started by the family of Pappy VanWinkle.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be planned for the new store sometime after the Strawberry Festival, she said.

Provisions Co. will be located in the western side of the Mayflower Building; renovations are still underway on a bar and lounge that will be located on the east side of the building, as well as a new live music venue that is being constructed around the original Vaudeville-era stage located in the back of the building. The new venue will also include rooftop seating and an outdoor staircase.

“The rooftop bar will probably be a spring 2024 project,” Nielson said. “There’s a couple different phases; one being the lounge and bar in the center of the building, followed by the live music venue in the back of the building, which includes the original Vaudeville stage from the original Mayflower from 1928.”

“We’re going to salvage as much of it as we can,” she said. “We’ll have to update it so it’s up to modern code; we’ll also modernize it so it’s ready for modern music acts and speaking engagements, comedy shows and really any kind of live performance that you can imagine.”

Nielson and A.M. Scott Distillery are also working with the city of Troy to construct public restrooms that will be located off of Prouty Plaza downtown.

“It will be an exterior entrance,” Nielson said. “There will be an ADA-accessible ramp that will be alongside the building where the mural is.”

The Mayflower Building was originally constructed by C.F. Pfister in 1928 to serve as an entertainment venue.

“It was built and dedicated to the people of Troy and Miami County for live music performances,” Nielson said. “That’s what it was originally meant for.”

“It was a 540-seat live Vaudeville theatre,” she said. “Over the past fifty years or so it had been broken up into three different theaters, but bringing that original architectural plan back into play for what we want it to be is really important to us.”

“It’s as the building was meant to be, so we like to keep it that way,” she said.

Provisions Co.’s current location on South Mulberry Street will remain open after the Mayflower Building store opens, Nielson said.

“That will transition into a new store with similar goods, and we’re going to call it Scotty’s Bottle Parlor,” she said. “Scotty’s is our line of bourbons. All of our bourbons and spirits will still be sold there, and we’re also looking at adding a collection of cigars.”

Updates will be posted online at and

“We’re just really thankful for the community’s support and excitement about the project,” Nielson said. “The best way to follow us is through social media, on the Mayflower page or Provisions or A.M. Scott Distillery.”

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