Purchase of fire vehicle approved by council


TIPP CITY — A resolution authorizing the purchase of a vehicle for Tipp City Fire & Emergency Services (TCFES) was unanimously passed at Tipp City Council’s Monday meeting.

The resolution authorizes city manager Tim Eggleston to purchase one command vehicle for TCFES from Byers Chevrolet in Grove City at a cost not to exceed $38,071 with an additional cost of $14,054 for repairs and upfittings deemed necessary. The resolution also declares a 2000 Ford Excursion owned by the city of Tipp City as surplus property, and no longer useful in the general operation of the city.

The initial language of the resolution sparked some confusion among council members, who noted that the resolution stated the cost was not to exceed $38,071, but in the summary stated the cost was not to exceed $52,125.

“Since it didn’t go through state bid, Chief Haller was able to find this vehicle cheaper than state bid, so that’s why we had to break it up. We had to break it down and show the equipment cost as well, so that’s why there’s the total cost,” clerk of council Janice Bates said.

Tipp City Finance Director John Green clarified that the total cost comes from three different vendors; while the vehicle will be bought from Byers Chevrolet, the lights, sirens and other upfittings will be purchased from K.E. Rose, and the decals and lettering will be from a third vendor.

“We couldn’t really say that we were buying it from Byers Chevrolet at a cost not to exceed $52,000 when the cost from Byers itself was just the $38,071 — it’s why we tried to break out that cost that way,” Mayor John Green said.

Green noted that the Ford Excursion only had 53,000 miles on it; Eggleston said that the vehicle would be going straight for sale and that the city has been eliminating vehicles that are no longer needed. TCFES Chief Cameron Haller added that the Excursion had regular maintenance issues over the last 20 years, as well as suspension issues that would be costly to the point of being more than what the vehicle is worth.

“As a reminder to all council members, on my arrival, there were five utility vehicles; we’ve gone down to four and are trying to rotate them on a regular basis. The newest vehicles are always on the first response, and then the other utility vehicles go to me and the assistant chief of fire prevention, to use after they’ve been put through the first run,” Haller said. “We recycle them internally, and then recycle them out, if we can.”

The following items on the agenda were also passed Monday evening:

• A resolution approving the city’s financial participation in the Miami County Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) program and authorizing the city manager to execute a four-way agreement between the cities of Piqua, Troy and Tipp City and Miami County to share the annual costs of the hazardous materials coordinator position. Tipp City is responsible for 12.8 percent of the total for a cost of $3,097.91.

• A resolution approving the amended agreement and bylaws of the Miami Valley Risk Management Association.

• A motion approving the license agreement between the city of Tipp City and Coldwater Café for the use of public right-of-way located along the alleyway to construct, maintain and occupy an outside dining area and all related activities on the premises.

Tipp City Council will meet with the Monroe Township Trustees at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9 to discuss the Departmental Study Results for the TCFES. The next council meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16.

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