Reader comments on Sheriff candidate Reece


To the editor:

As I read more and more letters supporting Mr. Reece, the more I felt compelled to set the record straight! I worked with both individuals at Miami County and can say I know the integrity of both. Mr. Reece claims he is not a politician, yet campaigns like a professional! He wants you to believe Miami County is under constant terrorist threat! His military training would put him in this mindset. He probably feels he is under the same threat in the shower!! One thing he does not say is the actual role the Sheriff would play! An actual threat or action would be handled by Federal Agencies, with them guiding local law enforcement! He speaks of human trafficking as if Miami County is a stronghold for the traffickers themselves! I-75 and I-70 are considered the crossroads of America. Nothing has changed since the days of drug smuggling. During that time period, Miami County did see an increase in drug activity. I challenge Mr.Reece to provide documented proof of human trafficking activity in Miami County!

Mr. Reece states he will not hold any animosity if elected. Perhaps he should re-read the letter he wrote to the editor dated 02/28/24. I see nothing but animosity directed toward the County Prosecutor, Tony Kindall. An individual wanting to mend fences would not call an elected official by his last name. Mr. Kindall is not the only individual that Mr. Reece holds animosity toward!

Many letters in support of Mr. Reece were sent in at the deadline. This was planned on his part so there could not be any rebuttals. Look at two specific letters on 03/11/24. One from his wife and the other from his mother-in-law!

I have failed to see anything written on Mr. Reece’s accomplishments as a Deputy with two different agencies. I am familiar with one accomplishment when he served under Sheriff Cox. This actually shows his maturity level and not his professionalism! He had brought charges on an individual for narcotics possession! Mr. Reece created a jingle about this individual and how they would be going to jail! Perhaps if elected, all his Deputies can create jingles concerning suspects in all cases!

Dave Magill


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