Vote Reece for Miami County Sheriff


To the editor:

I am writing to share why I believe Paul Reece is the best person to serve as Miami County Sheriff.

Paul’s wife Denise and I have known each other since we were teens and as a result, I have known Paul for at least 30 years.

Paul is someone who has significant experience that will allow him to step in and lead the Miami County Sheriff’s Office in the right direction. As he recently stated himself, Paul has led teams of 190 people and has planned security events for over 70,000 individuals. The Sheriff’s office has 120 employees. In addition, Paul served full time as a law enforcement officer in Miami and Montgomery Counties for 26 years and spent 25 years in military law enforcement.

Paul also received multiple military promotions and was commissioned as a Warrant Officer which required a level of mental and physical skills and leadership abilities many could never acquire – but Paul did. He was a Special Agent with the Army Criminal Investigation Division Command and was required to investigate felonies, war crimes, terrorism, forensics and cyber-crime and provided protection for the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff and others.

Paul’s skills and expertise in both law enforcement and the military are beyond measure. He has more than the capability required to be Miami County’s next Sheriff. This county needs his abilities and breath of fresh air in the Sheriff’s office.

Paul wants nothing more than to use the many abilities and skills he has with the residents of Miami County, and there is no doubt in my mind that he can do the job and do it well. Miami County residents will be proud to know that Paul Reece is in charge. Paul will make sure the Sheriff’s office is run with the utmost integrity. Paul will be there for the residents of Miami County.

Please join me in voting for Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff on March 19th.


Tammie Kilgore


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