Vote Reece for Sheriff


To the editor:

Regardless of your political party, I hope we can agree our country is not in a good place. Locally, we need a strong constitutional sheriff who has a proven background and is willing to stand in between the citizens, and those who wish to take our rights away. This is one of the many reasons I am voting for Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff.

I have known Paul for more than 20 years and I can speak to his character and his willingness to fight and defend people. Paul is the only veteran in this race, and I hope that means something to our veteran community. Paul values education. He is the only candidate with not just one, but two college degrees and a state license as a substitute teacher. Paul brings 26 years of law enforcement experience serving Miami and Montgomery Counties and he has also spent 25 years in military law enforcement. He is highly decorated, and earned eight military promotions to include a commission as a Warrant Officer, which was no small task. Paul was required to be physically and mentally tough and had to show great leadership skills to not only be selected, but to successfully complete the Warrant Officer process.

Paul Reece was a Special Agent with the Army Criminal Investigation Division where he dealt with felonies, terrorism, threat management and provided protection for public officials all the way to the Secretary of Defense. It takes someone with the skills, abilities and focus that Paul has and that he will carry into the Sheriff’s office when he is elected. Paul’s background cannot be questioned, as he held top level government clearances which were required for his work.

Paul is an actual leader. He will take care of his people and just as importantly, take care of the families who support them.

For many reasons, Miami County needs a change in the Sheriff’s Office and we need someone who has courage, real world skills, can lead by example and can think on his own.

I am asking that all of you go to the polls on March 19th and support Paul Reece by voting for him for Miami County Sheriff. He has the skills and experience and he cares about the residents of Miami County. Please vote Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff!

Tim Arnold


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