Reader supports Trump


To The Editor:

I voted for Trump in 2016 and will vote for him again this year. He is a free-market capitalist and has proven over the past three years that he will fight for Americans.

• unemployment is at a historic low

• poverty rates are at record lows

• millions of new jobs

• energy independence

• stock market at an all-time high

• lower tax rates for all income ranges

• rollback of terrible regulations

• USMCA signed

• part one of a new trade agreement signed with China

• new walls up at the southern border

• immigration laws enforced

• strong and vibrant military

• better health care for veterans

• criminal justice reform

• 2nd Amendment defended

• US Embassy moved to Jerusalem

• great Supreme Court picks

• supporter of religious freedom

• supporter of educational choice

• working to minimize abortions

• free market health care

• against the green new deal

• supporter of common sense green initiatives

This is just a short list of what this great president has done and is doing for America!!

— Mary Ellen Buechter


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