Vote ‘No’ for school levy


To the Editor:

Well here we go again!

Troy schools want a 37-year bond on our property tax. A $100,000 will equal approximately $247 a year and when on a fixed income, you think of your wallets!

We, as senior citizens, cannot work overtime to make it up! The county has a $15 tax on auto tags, city has $10 and their plans are either for five or 10 years and usually get to renew them. Then the governor of Ohio put a 10 1/2 percent tax on gas. Are you getting scared yet?

Why would Troy schools buy property before they get the bond? This is what they used to call “Putting the cart before the horse.” Grandparents on fixed incomes love children and want the best for them, however, we also have to look out for ourselves and hopefully we will have enough money to last till the end. Yes, this has been turned downed before by the voters, so don’t stay home thinking it will get turned down again.

I can assure you those who work for Troy City Schools, businesses and city officials will be there voting Yes, so let’s get out there in March and vote No!

— Lester Conard


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