Refreshing recipe on a hot day


The heat wave has been real. I’m not talking about those warm days when you sit in front of the fan and are back in your comfort zone. It’s like really hot.

Now, I am thankful for God’s perfect wisdom in weather even when it doesn’t strike my first fancy; it’s just been quite interesting to observe the stark plunge and rise in temp and humidity in a short period.

Last week, I had the long-awaited privilege of visiting my baby brother Jeriah and his family in Tennessee.

The weather was perfect. My parents and siblings (except the brother in far away Alaska) and my family had all traveled by bus and made cherished memories in the process. The sun shone gently with no hint of humidity. We soaked in fellowship and sunshine for a couple of days.

This week, we’ve had a heat wave, which I can’t recall being matched since I was a little girl, and I was next to convinced I won’t make it through the hot summer. Panic attacks had weaved their way through that sticky weather.

Oh my, much has changed since then; on a serious note, I have a tender heart for those who deal with panic attacks, regardless of the cause of setting them off. At the time, it didn’t feel like I’d ever get through them, but I came through alive and well! Don’t give up, and don’t be afraid to discuss your dilemma with someone. You’ll get through, and it’ll be worth it.

Though I had a happy childhood in many ways, I was bogged down with more than expressed at the time;

Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to share more later. For now, we’ll get back to the heat wave.

So just after midnight last night, our power went off as a result of our battery being drained (thanks to us running the air conditioner too long after dark when the solar panels no longer bring in power).

As the night lights darkened and the fans stopped, the lightning flashed, and thunder rolled. The amazing part to me was opening windows after the initial storm and feeling cool air from the great outdoors- it was a first, after days of high humidity and heat, day and night.

By lunchtime, it was sticky again, and by mid-afternoon, a welcome shower swept over the countryside once more.

“Children, it’s cool enough to have hot chocolate again!” I quipped. Smiling, I helped Austin mix goat milk with cocoa, sweetener, and such. Seeing the temp down in the 70s is something to celebrate- not so?

In moments, the children were all out on the new deck and had pulled all the camp chairs together in a tight circle; several even had sheets pulled up and around their chairs for added coziness. I filled mugs, and Julia handed mini candy canes to dip into hot chocolate. The children were all as pleased as could be. It didn’t matter to anyone that the candy wasn’t all eaten at Christmas; it was ‘homemade Christmas in August.’

The children were fascinated by how my candy cane was soon lost in the bottom of my cup for a peppermint effect on the entire mug of hot chocolate. “Mom, may I taste yours?” Little voices echoed one another. “Of course you may try it.” Soon, a sticky mug was handed back to me. There will be many years to come with only memories of sticky fingers enjoying a sweet treat and sharing Mom’s face.

Now, I don’t know what you enjoy eating on hot summer days, and you may even think it seems like an the odd concoction, but before Daniel went to heaven, on those hottest days when he’d come into the house with his shirt drenched in sweat, he wanted nothing more than strawberry or peach soup.

Okay, not hot, though; I know usually soups are hot, and it really shouldn’t even be called soup, yet what is it other than a refreshing cold soup on a hot day?

Let’s get to it. Daniel liked to have it nice and cold, so I’d chop my frozen fruit, pour milk over it, add some sweetener, then each person pours it over crushed saltine or snack crackers in their bowl.

When I was a girl, we used bread crumbs instead of crackers. I know that doesn’t strike everyone’s fancy for sure! Here is another version: Try using graham crackers; the sweet graham edge especially blends well with strawberries. Be sure to try it, and I would love to hear how it turned out for you!


2 cups frozen peaches

3 cups milk

1/3 cup sugar*

1 sleeve snack crackers

Chop peaches in a medium bowl, add milk and sweetener.

Mix all together. Crush crackers then have each person place their desired amount of crackers in the bottom of their bowl and ladle peach mixture over it. Stir and enjoy a bowl of peach soup!

*I prefer using natural sweetener.

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