Retired teacher, counselor asks for support


To the Editor:

Having served as a teacher and elementary counselor in Troy schools for 36 years, I have a deep affection for our community. It has been my privilege to work with hundreds of students, their children, and dare I say their grandchildren! I am proud of each one of these people and I know they are successful because of their families and the strong education they received in Troy.

It is imperative that we keep this strong tradition going and give our kids schools that move with them into the 21st century.

I am urging you to vote Yes on the bond issue on March 17!

Of course, I have many warm memories in each of the buildings that I worked. But, I realize that without a vision schools will not prosper. I am grateful for the people who have worked hard to come up with this new plan. It is exciting for our kids and definitely will give them buildings to prosper in.

Change can be hard and taxes are not fun, but our children need to be our focus when we go to the ballot box. This is so important and I hope that each voter will support the children of Troy and vote Yes.

— Mary M. Watson


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