Rhodes State College invites public to Deaf Town event


LIMA – Rhodes State College is hosting Deaf Town, an immersive experience designed to offer hearing individuals insight into the challenges faced by deaf individuals as they navigate everyday life. The event, set to take place on Nov. 16, 2023, from 4-7 p.m. in the James J. Countryman Atrium, promises an enlightening and educational opportunity for all attendees.

Deaf Town offers a controlled environment for hearing participants to gain a deeper understanding of the hurdles and triumphs experienced by the deaf community in their daily interactions. Through a series of interactive booths resembling settings such as grocery stores, doctor’s offices, and more, attendees will witness and experience firsthand how deaf individuals navigate and communicate their needs in a predominantly hearing world.

The immersive experience aims to provide a glimpse into the challenges faced by the Deaf community while attempting to communicate in various scenarios. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in activities that simulate real-life situations, allowing them to gain a mild sense of the obstacles faced by deaf individuals and the strategies they employ to effectively communicate.

“Deaf Town is a unique event that opens a window into the experiences of the deaf community. It’s an invaluable opportunity for us to foster understanding, empathy, and awareness about the challenges faced by deaf individuals every day,” said Jodi Pierstorff, Adjunct Professor of American Sign Language.

This free event is open to all members of the community, students, faculty, and the public. Participants are encouraged to actively engage and immerse themselves in this insightful experience, gaining a greater appreciation for the deaf community’s journey in a hearing-centric world.

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