Scammers targeting registered sex offenders


TROY — The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is sharing information received about scammers contacting family of registered sex offenders.

According to a press release from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, over the past two days deputies have been contacted by three registered sex offenders advising they had family members contacted by an “Investigator Dillion” with the “Ohio Sex Offender Unit.”

The calls and texts advised family members the registered offender was in trouble and needed to contact them immediately. Upon contacting the caller, they are told the offender missed an appointment and a warrant was issued by a local judge. They are then told if they make a payment the arrest warrant will be recalled.

One of the offenders did electronically send $500 at the direction of the caller.

“This is a scam. There is no ‘Ohio Sex Offender Unit’ and law enforcement never solicits money for any reason,” said Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak in the release.

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