TROY — Stanley Edward Crabtree(“Stanley”), age 75, passed away February 26, 2021 at Troy Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (“Troy Care”), 512 Crescent Drive, Troy, Ohio.

Stanley was born May 5, 1945 to Roy F. Crabtree and Helen Crabtree of Troy, and was the oldest of four children eventually born to Roy and Helen, with his younger siblings being Patricia Crabtree Odom (“Pat”), James L. Crabtree (“Jim”) and Mary Crabtree Baker (“Mary”).

Stanley was preceded in death by his father Roy on November 14, 1996 and his mother Helen on September 10, 2015, but all of his siblings and many nieces and nephews survive him. Stanley’s sister Mary also lives at Troy Care while his sister Pat still lives in Troy and Jim lives in Covington.

Stanley was born developmentally disabled and had a difficult childhood. He attended school for a brief time, but was unable to advance to the higher grades, he was never employed, he never married, and he remained dependent on his parents and then his legal guardian his entire life. After his father Roy’s death in 1996 Stanley and his mother Helen shared an apartment in Troy until Helen’s own cognitive ability and health began to slip, and she and Stanley became roommates at Troy Care until Helen’s death at age 88 in 2015. Stanley and his mother were very close, and her death hit him very hard.

Despite his difficult childhood and many personal challenges, however, Stanley always maintained an exceptionally kind, gentle and sweet spirit. Stanley was known by all for his friendliness and good-natured sense of humor, and he smiled at everyone. In fact, all who knew Stanley loved him, and he loved them in return. Stanley very much enjoyed watching reruns of TV westerns like Maverick, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train, Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Rawhide on Me TV. Stanley knew all of the theme songs for these shows, he knew all of the characters and who the “good guys” and “bad guys” were, and he delighted in seeing the good guys win over the bad guys. Stanley also enjoyed watching John Wayne westerns on DVD. Stanley was also very thoughtful and caring and enjoyed visiting his parents’ graves in Riverside Cemetery and remembering them. Stanley also enjoyed simple pleasures like going out to eat at Bob Evans and having fried chicken and mashed potato dinners, going for chocolate ice cream and fudge concrete mixers at Culver’s, going to see the Christmas lights at Lost Creek Reserve, and attending the Miami County Fair each year. But the most important thing about Stanley was that he knew and loved Jesus. Stanley had a picture of Jesus on the wall of his room, and he spoke openly and often of his faith in Him. This is why Stanley was such a kind and loving soul.

Stanley’s funeral arrangements are being handled by Baird Funeral Home, 555 North Market St., Troy, Ohio 45373. Visitation will be Wednesday, March 3, 2021 from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. with Stanley’s funeral to immediately follow at 4:00 P.M. Stanley will be buried next to his parents Roy and Helen Crabtree in Riverside Cemetery. There will be no funeral procession or graveside service.

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