Support Simmons for commissioner


To the Editor,

I write in support of Greg Simmons for re-election as Miami County commissioner. I have known Greg as a lead pastor for several years and through my observation of what he has accomplished as pastor and county commissioner, he continues to demonstrate the same commitment and compassion to serve others within his community. Greg is dedicated to see the job through in a complete and honest way that is fiscally responsible and in the best interest of the citizens of Miami County.

As commissioner, Greg Simmons continues in this position, Miami County will be once again be served by an elected official that does not take their position lightly. He has proven that not only as county commissioner but through his years of public service that he holds himself accountable to the highest standard possible and is complete open, compassionate and committed. Commissioner Simmons has no hidden agenda and once again as I cast my vote for Miami County commissioner, my full support will be for current county commissioner Greg Simmons.

— Kirk Groff

West Milton

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