Support Tipp City Schools bond issue


To the editor:

My husband, Jon, and I graduated from Tippecanoe High School in 2003. We have three kids who are current Tipp City students and will be the seventh generation of my family to graduate from Tipp City Schools. Given my current involvement as a substitute teacher, co-director for the LT Ball Parent Association, a mom, and a Tipp City resident, I urge voters to support the upcoming Tipp City School bond issue on March 19.

I am inside Tipp City schools almost every week either volunteering or substitute teaching, and because of my experience firsthand I want our community to understand the urgent need for a new K-8 school building. Throughout the last few years, I have become more concerned.for our students and staff due to current building conditions. Some of the issues I have witnessed specific to elementary buildings include damp/wet desks from water coming.through the ceiling and multiple rain buckets in hallways collecting water from leaking roofs. I’ve questioned insufficient outlets to charge and operate the technology required for daily instruction. Failed plumbing in the restrooms, leaky windows, and extreme temperature variances cause students to struggle with focus due to extreme heat or wearing winter coats all day due to lack of heat. The list goes on and it is not from an absence of ongoing maintenance. These buildings are beyond salvaging. We, as a community, need to do better for the students and staff of Tipp City Schools. This bond issue provides a new K-8 building that will not only address the issues I mentioned but will improve the health and learning environment for young learners. The design provides a safe infrastructure, reduces building transitions for students, and creates opportunities for student mentoring/tutoring across multiple grade levels. Please get out to vote FOR the Tipp City Schools bond either by voting early or at the polls on March 19.

Kara Dixon-Crawford

Tipp City

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