Vote for Tipp City Schools bond issue


To the editor:

A robust school system is often a cornerstone of a thriving community, promoting individual success, economic prosperity, and overall well-being. Well-funded and well-equipped schools contribute to a higher quality of life for residents, local businesses, their owners, and their employees. Supporting a school bond creates a community where families want to live, work, and shop.

Modern facilities with cutting-edge technology and safety features will enhance our community’s quality of life, attract families to the area, and increase our property values. This, in turn, benefits all Tipp City businesses – large and small – by attracting more visitors and customers and fostering a thriving local economy. Voting for Tipp City School bond is an investment in our beautiful community. Tipp City wins when we plan for progress by making a solid and long-term investment in our school system. And that’s why we will vote FOR the bond issue on March 19.

Nick and Andrea Hoover,

Owners of Coldwater Café & Bodega Market

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