Vote for Tipp City Schools bond issue


To the editor:

Who wants to pay more taxes? Certainly not me, but our schools are important. I recognize that. It is one of the main reasons that families move to Tipp City: to send their kids to our schools. It is the heart of our community. That is precisely why my family moved to Tipp when our eldest was ready for kindergarten. Today as a local Real Estate agent, I see higher values of properties in strong school districts and Tipp is one of the highest. When I work with clients who have or who plan to have children, the first thing they do is identify their desired school district and then we begin looking for homes in that area. It always makes me proud when clients ask me about Tipp City.

It is concerning that our educators and administrators have been telling the community for a long time that there are major problems with some of the facilities and we have not stepped up. They have abandoned buildings that are considered dangerous and restructured grades in buildings that were safer to educate the kids. This isn’t going away, and it certainly won’t get cheaper to build. Now is the time. Even though I no longer have any family with school-aged children in Tipp City school, I am supporting the upcoming bond issue on March 19, 2024, because it is important. It is important to the value of my property and to the strength of our community.

Catresa Carmack Bourelle, Independent Agent

Keller Williams Advisors Realty

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