Supreme Court favors evangelical interests


To the editor:

The Supreme Court has been consistently coming down in favor of evangelical religious interests. Is the court taking religious freedom too far?

Religion goes through times when it is pampered or even established and other periods when it is persecuted. In the middle ground where we are at today, society must decide what to do with churches who become socially counter-productive, teaching that civil government is bad and must be resisted.

When the Roman Catholic church had run rough-shod over civil society for long enough in medieval times, nations in Europe clipped its wings. Governments expropriated Catholic lands, debarred Catholics from holding public office, and openly challenged Catholic fundraising methods.

Protestant churches have always been favored in this nation like Catholics were in Europe, and most often have been good citizens. Lately, however, evangelicals have positioned their political puppets in government and in the courts to do their bidding. Church folk are getting involved in anti-law and anti-government militias, upsetting teaching activities in public schools, and asserting highly privileged immunity against prosecution for sexual abuse by members and leaders alike.

Is it time to rein in churches who denigrate democracy?

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah.

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