TCAAC announces fine art winners


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TIPP CITY — The Tipp City Area Arts Council wishes to thank all participants and congratulate the 2022 Award winners of the Fine Art Exhibition held at the Tipp Center from April 2 through April 9.

This year’s show featured over 64 artists and 160 pieces. A special reception was held on April 2 honoring not only this year’s winners, but also recognizing the members of TCAAC’s newly opened Permanent Art Gallery at the Tipp Center. The gallery is open to the public daily during the center’s hours.

After the awards, a special viewing of the documentary “The Artist” was shown with an introduction by Director/Writer Peter Tompkins and Asst. Producer Rusty Harden.

• Top honors were awarded to the following:

Ellen Cotterman Award: Jennifer Walker – “Morning Glow”

Jeryl Laux Award: Sydney Johnson – “What I Can Carry with Me”

Olive Boyd Award: Dee Gillis – “Just Sitting”

Gail Stickelman Award: Marie McConnaughey – “Iguana in the Keys”

People’s Choice Award: George Stum – “Coon Castle”

• Advanced Category


Honorable mention: Charles Jiao “Small Flooding in Spring”

3rd: Jennifer Walker “The Sentinel”

2nd: Clarice Moore “Sunday Afternoon Service”

1st: Steve Wohler “German Street Crossing”

Water Media:

3rd: Shirley Bauer – “Dance Away”

2nd: Sharon Glett – “My Mona Lisa”

1st: Rusty Harden – “River Canopy”


Honorable mention: Kesley Wolford – “Locks of Love”

3rd: Beth Larson – “Cuban Car”

2nd: Kesley Wolford – “Aullwood Troll Family”

1st: Beth Larson – “Sunrise in the Pines”


3rd: Jim Moore – “Woman in Blue Scarf”

2nd:Clarice Moore – “Caleb and Andrea”

1st: Donna Brooks – “Along the Creek”


Honorable mention: George Stum – “Coon Castle”

3rd: George Stum – “Ohio Quail”

2nd: Kristy Veres – “Bye Bye Birdie”

1st: Patty Brown – “Pretty in Pink: Echinacea”


Honorable mention: Mike Nygren – “Woody”

3rd: Gustie Alvarado – “Bird’s Eye View”

2nd: Sheila Batista – “Obvara with Gold Mica Vase”

1st: Marie McCounnaughey – “Iguana in the Keys”

Mixed Media:

Honorable mention: Sarah Maxwell – “Melting Dog”

Honorable mention: Oliver Hartman – “Self”

3rd: Bonnie Kuntz – “Snowy Night”

2nd: Kristy Veres – “Monkey Man”

1st: Chip Williamson – “Target Woman”


1st: Jim Moore – “Donna’s Friend”

Best of Show

Bill Erbaugh – “Noka”

• Amateur category


Honorable mention: Stefan Lemon – “Voyage of the Dark Dragon”

Honorable mention: Jim Valekis – “Dress Up”

Honorable mention: Stefan Lemon – “The Great Niagra Falls”

3rd: Jim Valekis – “Nicole Rebecca”

2nd: Steve Fine – “Stuck in Jersey”

1st: Bob Moore – “Covered Bridge”


1st: Mojgan Samadar – “Zsa Zsa and Charlie Adventure”


1st: Jim Valekis – “Legend of the Lamp Post”

Mixed Media:

Honorable mention: Kymberly Gardner-Harris – “Sunflowers”

3rd: Hal Hunter – “Cone Flowers”

2nd: Charmaine Boggs – “Five Red Apples”

1st: Rosemary Nick – “Partial to Pears”

Water Media:

3rd: Mojgan Samardar – “Grandma and Me”

1st: Catherine Shane – “End of Summer”


1st: Nancy Klaar – “Wallace”


1st: Theresa Smith – “Grand Central Eagle”


1st: Lynn Shirk-Terrell – “American Farm”

Best of Show:

Rosemary Nick – “Blaze”

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