Tenants at condemned home where dogs removed seek $25,000 damages


By Matt Clevenger

[email protected]

TROY – Tenants at a South Union Street home where more than 30 dogs were removed by the Miami County Animal Shelter on Tuesday have filed a counter claim in their eviction case, seeking $25,000 and punitive damages from the property’s owner.

According to court documents the tenants, Marie Davis and Charles Farmer, originally leased the property in the 500 block of South Union Street from landlord Lloyd Brumbaugh in November of 2021. Brumbaugh passed away in 2022.

“Everything was good until Lloyd Brumbaugh unexpectedly died, and Evan Brumbaugh took over,” the court document states, and the tenants were given no choice but to sign a new agreement.

In addition to a lease, Davis and Farmer had also signed an option to eventually purchase the property from Lloyd Brumbaugh for a price of $50,000, the court document says.

“Evan Brumbaugh has made it unequivocally clear that he wants the property to renovate and sell,” the court document alleges, “in contraction of the agreement worked out by Lloyd Brumbaugh.”

Evan Brumbaugh filed for eviction of the tenants on March 15, according to court records. Since then, the home has also been condemned by the Miami County Health Department.

The property had been “continually destroyed” by prior tenants, the document says of the home’s condition, and Lloyd Brumbaugh “was happy to work out a deal with Marie Davis and Charles Farmer because they are good people and would take care of his property.”

Charges surrounding the 32 dogs that were removed from the home are still pending.

The tenants’ counter claim is seeking at least $25,000 in punitive damages from Evan Brumbaugh. According to the court document, “the defendants have been totally confused and under incredible emotional distress.”

“Marie Davis believes her health problems have become very serious on account of the unconscionable acts and failures to act of Evan Brumbaugh,” the document states. “This has created severe health problems and has accentuated intentional emotional distress.”

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