The Covenstead offers spiritual items, Tarot, Oracle card readings


By Matt Clevenger

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TIPP CITY — Practitioners of all different spiritual and religious practices are welcome at The Covenstead, located on South County Road 25A in Tipp City.

“I try to carry a little bit of everything, so that anybody who would come in can find something that would fit their needs,” co-owner Cayley Seitz said.

“We carry different items for spirituality and alt-faiths,” she said. “My biggest goal with the shop was that anybody of any spirituality, whether that be Pagan, Christian, Catholic, could come into the shop and find something that they could use in their day-to-day religious practice.”

“I try to carry a little bit of everything, so that anybody who would come in can find something that would fit their needs,” she said.

Located at 5222 S. County Road 25A in Tipp City, the store opened in October of 2022. The store is open from noon until 6 p.m.

“We are closed on Sundays and Tuesdays, but every other day we’re open noon to six,” Seitz said.

“We offer free Tarot and Oracle card readings,” she said. “A lot of shops charge for those, and that was one thing that my husband and I decided that we always wanted to do as a free thing, just because we felt called to do that.”

The store also carries works by several local artists, ranging from paintings and sculptures to stickers and wall prints.

“I carry a bunch of different local artists’ things,” Seitz said. “I have a girl who does different oddities, so she does framed butterflies, things with bones and things like that.”

“We have a girl who makes hand-crafted oils, salves and lip glosses,” she said. “We have a fifteen year-old artist who is just absolutely talented, that carries some different wall prints and teddy bears that they’ve made- I guess a little creepy, is the best word. They could be considered like an oddity.”

“I have a new girl who does leather coffin-shaped wallets that are pretty cool,” Seitz said. “I have a girl who does canvas paintings, and then sticker people who bring stuff in, and clay artists.”

The store also offers free classes and hosts a book club that meets regularly, usually on the second Sunday of every month.

“It’s free to join or leave as you want,” Seitz said. “We pick a book for the month and we get together for about an hour. We’ll read through it and discuss the points we thought were important, and they’re at their own leisure to read the rest of the book. If there’s ever a month where the book doesn’t fit what they want to read about, they’re not obligated to come.”

“We’ll be doing different classes too, that go over all sorts of different walks of life, some of the practices they do, and how to use certain herbs or crystals in spirituality,” she said.

The store also offers a donation box for the Family Abuse Shelter in Troy located in the shop.

“We do have a permanent donation box in the shop, if people want to bring things,” Seitz said. “I run what is donated up to the Family Abuse Shelter in Troy.”

Seitz and her husband, William Seitz, started the Covenstead to help make hard-to-find spiritual items available locally.

“We live in Troy,” she said. “I’m a spiritual person; my husband is also spiritual. We were driving down to Hamilton, because some of our favorite metaphysical shops were in Hamilton or Yellow Springs, and we really just wanted to bring a sense of spiritual home to Miami County.”

The Covenstead also offers online shopping, with options for pick-up or shipping. More information can be found online through the shop’s Facebook page, or at

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