The price is right!


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

When buying a home, how can you be certain it is fairly priced? Consider the following scenario and the answer will become evident.

Say your family has outgrown the capacity of your refrigerator. You’ve decided to buy a new one, however it’s been ten years since you’ve shopped for such an appliance. You’re not locked into any particular brand, and prefer a model with about 24 cubic feet of storage space.

You visit several appliance dealers and learn the refrigerators range in price for $1200 up to $2,600. Some offer larger meat drawers while others have “in-the-door” ice and water. You first decide which features are the most important for your family, then compare similar models against each other for price and value. Having made your comparisons, you make your decision to purchase with confidence.

Buying a home and feeling good about the price you pay is a similar experience. Since no two homes are exactly alike, you first choose a price range with your pre-approval from your great, local lender. You’ll know the price range and the amount of the monthly payment after a visit with that lender. You’ll then compare the features, condition, location, and amenities with the asking price.

You’ll quickly learn to differentiate between homes which are priced “above the market” and those which are family priced. When you find a great home at a good price, you’ll need to act quickly to secure that home or loose it to other buyers who are also in the market searching for their castle. Get your pre-approval first and you can shop with confidence.

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