THS removes transgender-themed library book after review


By Matt Clevenger

[email protected]

TROY — Responding to a request for review by a local resident, the Troy City Schools have decided to remove the transgender-themed book “Beyond Magenta” from the Troy High School Library, due to descriptive language of a sexual nature.

A list of nine transgender-themed titles in the district’s libraries were reviewed, following the submission of forms requesting review by Bob Eyink. Eyink also spoke to board members about the books during a board of education meeting held on June 12.

“I come here with other parents in mind who have the same concerns,” Eyink said during that meeting. “I look forward to your review of these books.”

Books reviewed by the district included “Beyond Magenta,” “Freakboy,” “Being Jazz: My Life as a Transgender Teen,” “Pumpkin: this Year’s Prom is a Drag” and “Middle School’s a Drag, You’d Better Werk,” among others.

“Beyond Magenta,” by Susan Kuklin, was removed from circulation “because of some descriptive language of a sexual nature,” Troy City Schools superintendent Chris Piper said.

One of the other books reviewed was removed from the junior high library, Piper said.

“One book was in the junior high library, but probably better suited for the high school library, so we removed it from the junior high,” he said.

No other books were affected by the review.

“There were committees formed for each book,” Piper said. “The committee met with Mr. Eyink and heard his arguments, read the book, reviewed other things, and then the committee members voted on the book.”

“They submitted their recommendations to me, and then I was able to make a final determination on what to do with them,” he said.

The district followed its standard policy in reviewing the books, Piper said, although the book review process has not been requested before.

“This is the first time in my career, and the first time that any of us here in Troy City Schools have dealt with it,” he said.

Eyink requested the reviews after learning about the books online, through the school library catalog, Piper said.

“He searched the word ‘transgender’ in the online catalog,” he said.

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