Time for a change


To the editor:

Regarding your recent article on the two Mayoral candidates, I take issue with several of Robin Oda’s comments.

Regarding the Tavern Bldg., she states that she supports any business owner who follows the city codes and guidelines. Yet, she and Patrick Titterington have continually supported the owner of the Tavern Building when he clearly did not follow the city codes and guidelines as determined by the Miami County Common Pleas Court and 2nd District Court of Appeals. Their two votes on the City Planning Commission to allow the flawed demolition process to continue is a large part of why the sidewalk is still closed after three years.

I also have issues with her comment on not supporting local residents who band together to tell private owners how to spend their money. These local residents that she is referring to did not band together to tell private owners how to spend their money. They banded together to save a historic building. While attempting to do that they found that they also had to force City of Troy officials and the Tavern Bldg owner to follow the laws of the City of Troy because they did not do so on their own.

The mayor is big on not telling private owners what to do with their buildings. Unless of course you install the wrong fence, paint your door the wrong color, hang too large a sign in your window, or have a crack in your sidewalk.

Finally, the mayor is all about following the legal processes now given that the demolition she championed has lost in two courts and at the County level. With the West Main St. project moving downtown and fines on the horizon, she has to get that sidewalk open and will say/do most anything.

The Tavern Building, reverse parking, hazardous pedestrian crossings downtown, no accountability to citizens, backroom deals, her vague answers at “Meet the Candidate” night, etc. Apparently “Some college” is not sufficient.

Time for a change.

Martin Stewart


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