Tipp City Council approves new trash pick-up


TIPP CITY — Previously tabled at the July 18 meeting, the discussion of new trash pick-up routes in Tipp City was brought back to the Council during its Monday, Aug. 15, meeting.

The discussion was tabled due to concerns raised by citizens at the last meeting.

The resolution would allow City Manager Tim Eggleston to enter a five-year contract with Republic Services Inc. for the collection of trash, recycling and yard waste for the city. The concerns that tabled the discussion were about the damages done to property by the garbage trucks in the alleyways. On the other side of the discussion, Tipp City resident Marilyn Moore spoke out for many senior citizen residents about the problems removing alleyway pick-up would cause.

“I pray that you rethink this and try to figure out something that is going to be good for all people concerned. Just like the previous speaker, she has a hill and can’t do it. She’s only one, there’s probably hundreds more just like her,” said Moore during the July 18 meeting. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I would be willing to pay more to have a truck come down and pick up my trash right from the alley so I didn’t have to haul it down through the snow and ice and back because I simply can’t do it anymore.”

Monday evening, the council and Republic Services representative worked together to come up with a reasonable solution to help all citizens. The amendment to the contract included a third-party contractor for alleyway trash pick-up without any extra cost to the city or residents.

To pass the resolution without voting it back down and restarting the whole process, the council unanimously agreed to pass the resolution with the assurances of Eggleston and the Republic representative to only sign the contract once it can be rewritten to include these amendments.

Another resolution on the table Monday evening was for a contract between the city and Garmann Miller for the design and engineering of the Tipp City Government Center Renovation Project. Approval of the resolution would allow for building maintenance and expansion to take place.

Approving the resolution would be taking a step towards complying with the local fire code. The most pressing fire code violations are the storage areas. Multiple areas of storage are crowded, items are being stored too close to the sprinklers and the walkways through storage areas are too narrow.

One solution to the fire code violations that was brought to the council’s attention was the possibility of moving some stored items to an off-site storage unit.

The council quickly determined an off-site storage area would not be secure nor feasible because some of the stored items contains resident’s sensitive information.

The resolution passed to get a jump start on updating the building so that the council can comply with the same policies they require residents and businesses to follow.

In other business the Tipp City Council:

• Presented a proclamation to Municipal Services Director Eric Mack for his continuous hard work and dedication to the city.

• Passed an ordinance to change the zoning of Inlot 4583 located at 3542 S County Road 25A.

• Approved a resolution allowing Eggleston to purchase a new ambulance from Horton Emergency Vehicles of Columbus, Ohio. The cost of the ambulance is not to exceed $332,500 and will be delivered in 18-24 months. The purchase of a new emergency vehicle will allow the fire department to maintain three ambulances in circulation.

• Heart the first reading of an ordinance that would change the Comprehensive Land Use Development Plan’s Future Land Use Map. The ordinance would allow for the change of 44 Kinna Drive from a commercial node to an industrial node.

• Discussed an ordinance that would modify the language of chapter 92, Fire Prevention of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Tipp City, that relates to fire prevention within the city.

• Heard an ordinance amending the language of chapter 94 of the Codified Ordinances relating to nuisances in the city.

• Learned the addition of new language to the Tipp City Code of Ordinance would require identification and registration of vacant properties to hold owners accountable for the structures.

Another ordinance was introduced to require a fee for the registration of vacant buildings.

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