Tipp City Police reports


Police log


-6:59 a.m.: crash. Police responded to a crash with no injuries in the area of Tamarak Avenue and South Tippecanoe Drive.


-4:40 p.m.: criminal damage. Police responded to a report of criminal damage at a business in the 1000 block of Donn Davis Way. The subject was seen on cameras slamming a brush and sprayer on the ground.

-9:20 a.m.: disturbance. Police responded to a report of a disturbance at a business in the 1000 block of West Main Street.


-2:04 p.m.: disturbance. Police assisted the Miami County Sheriff’s Office on a disturbance where a female was reported to have arrived at her ex-boyfriend’s residence in the 300 block of Essex Drive and had a rifle, standing in the yard. The female was located in her vehicle and initially refused commands to exit. Once she stepped out of the vehicle, she was detained.

-11 a.m.: theft. Police responded to a business in the unit block of Weller Drive. A make was caught shoplifting from the business. He was charged with theft and trespassing.

-10:13 a.m: theft. An individual came into the police station to report a theft.

-10:11 a.m.: fraud. An elderly female was contacted over Facebook Messenger by an unknown individual representing themselves as IMF, International Monetary Funds, requesting $800 and in turn she would receive a grant for over $100,000. She mailed the $800 in cash to an address in Georgetown, Ohio and has not received any grant money. After researching IMF, they have a scam alert post on their website stating they are aware of this scam and it is not involving their organization, it is only utilizing their name and logo. The woman has since been contacted again requesting an additional $900, however she has not sent that away. It has been confirmed with the woman to be a scam and to not send any more money. She was advised to contact the police if she received anymore requests for money and that police could assist in identifying if it were legitimate or a scam.

-6:02 a.m.: suspicious priority. A female called 911 from her residence in the 800 block of North Willow Glen Avenue. She reported hearing banging outside of her apartment, believing someone was trying to break in. When officers arrived, they did not locate anyone outside and nothing appeared disturbed outside of the residence. The female stated she did not see anyone, just heard the noises outside. She was instructed to call back if she heard these noises again.

-1:34 a.m.: suspicious. Police were doing a building check at a business in the 200 block of South Kinna Drive and discovered an open camper door. Nothing appeared missing and officers secured the door and left an open door tag.

-1:30 a.m.: suspicious. Police saw construction equipment running at an odd hour in the 400 block of South Kinna Drive. It ended up being employees of the paving company working on a broken down piece of equipment.


-6:15 p.m.: warrant. Police arrested an individual on a warrant in the 700 block of Larch Street.

-5:11 p.m.: crash. Police responded to a hit-skip crash near the overpass on West Main Street.

-4:28 p.m.: fraud. Police received a report of fraud from the 500 block of Barbara Drive.


No one was cited following a hit-skip crash on Monday, May 22, at 5:11 p.m. in the area of West Main Street and Garber Drive.

Cynthia Evans, 77, of Troy, was travelling on West Main Street when she was rear-ended by an unknown driver. When Evans pulled over into a parking lot, the unknown driver took off. The registration given to police by Evans did not match the vehicle of the unknown driver. When Evans got home, she noticed minor damage to the rear bumper and returned to the police station to make a report.

Nathan Walter, 31, of Troy, was cited with assured clear distance ahead following a two-vehicle crash on Saturday, May 20, at 12:02 p.m.

Nikolas Schultz, 28, of Monroe Township, was travelling north on South County Road 25A in the 3000 block when he stopped in traffic and was rear-ended by Walter.

James Flynn, 33, of Kettering fled the scene after a two-vehicle crash on Thursday, May 18, at 12:40 p.m. in the unit block of Weller Drive.

Flynn was backing out of a parking space and struck the vehicle, owned by Alan Barringer, of New Carlisle, which was parked next to Flynn’s vehicle.

Compiled by Amantha Garpiel

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