Tipp City tax amendment given green light


TIPP CITY — In Tipp City, unofficial results show an amendment to an ordinance for moving 0.2% per annum levy on income from the capital improvement plan (CIP) fund to the Tipp City general fund was voted up on Election Day, Tuesday night.

Out of 7,745 registered voters in Tipp City, 4,437 cast their vote in Tuesday’s election, giving Tipp City a voter turnout of 58.19%. A total of 2,744, or 63.12% of voters, voted yes to approve the income tax amendment, while 1,603 or 36.88% of those who voted Tuesday voted against the amendment.

Tipp City had 783 absentee ballots cast, 492 voted yes and 291 voted no. Of the 4,347 voters in Tipp City, 2,658 turned out on election day; 1,696 voted yes and 962 voted no. There were also 906 early voters in the city; 556 voted yes and 350 voted no.

The unofficial results will be certified by the Miami County Board of Elections on Nov. 22, 2o22.

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