Tipp mayor proclaims Giving Tuesday


TIPP CITY — During the Tipp City Council meeting Monday evening, Mayor Mike McFarland proclaimed Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022, as Giving Tuesday in the city of Tipp City.

Also, City Council was presented an ordinance that would amend the 2022 appropriations and modify the annual operating budget for 2022, passed multiple resolutions for city participation and purchases, and closed and dissolved the Boards and Commission Council sub-committee during their meeting on Nov. 21.

The first order of business on Monday evening was McFarland’s proclamation of Giving Tuesday in Tipp City. Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is a national celebration of philanthropy, volunteerism and community service. The mayor’s proclamation set Nov. 29, 2022 at Giving Tuesday for the city of Tipp City.

“I encourage all citizens to join together to give back to the community in any way that is personally meaningful,” said McFarland.

Following the mayor’s proclamation, the council passed multiple resolutions. The first resolution on the agenda authorizes a change in compensation for Clerk of Council Janice Bates, by 3%. The amended compensation would change the clerk’s weekly pay from $218.54 to $225.10. The council unanimously approved the increase in compensation for the clerk.

The second resolution presented to the council is a resolution to adopt thecapital improvement plan for Tipp City for the years 2023-2027. The council previously reviewed the CIP at its Sept. 26 planning workshop.

Next, council approved the city’s participation in the Miami County Hazardous Materials (HAZ-MAT) program by allowing the City Manager Tim Eggleston to enter into an agreement with Miami County and the cities of Piqua and Troy to share the annual costs of the Hazardous Material Coordinator position. With this agreement, the city of Tipp City is now responsible for 13.5% of the cost of the position, or $3,288.60.

The next resolution authorizes Eggleston to enter into a cooperative agreement between the city, the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority and NorthPoint Development LLC for the NorthPoint Project. The agreement will allow the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority to enter Miami County to work with NorthPoint Development through a lease that would allow the LLC to purchase materials for the NorthPoint Project without paying sales tax.

The final resolution passed allows Eggleston to purchase two 2023 Ford F25o 4 by 4 crew cab pickup trucks for the water department in Tipp City. The cost of these vehicles will not exceed $106,820. The resolution also allows for the disposal of a 2012 GMC service truck that has broken down and is more expensive to fix than replace. The second truck being purchased is for the newest member of the water department that was hired earlier in 2022.

One ordinance was presented that will amend and modify the 2022 annual operating budget to account for additional funds that were used for unanticipated events throughout the 2022 fiscal year.

Finally, there was a motion made to close and dissolve the Boards and Commission Council Sub-Committee. The motion was approved due to the sub-committee no longer being necessary. The work of the sub-committee to help amend various codified ordinances for the various boards and committees for the city of Tipp City. The motion passed unanimously.

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